Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Happy Holi made even more Colorful

This is such a momentous occasion that just had to blog about this.

Something so exciting happened that I have to share my feelings on the occasion. I got to the top five in the Mills and Boon India Passions Contest. *swoons* 

This morning I was just after the kids to stop wasting time on the ipad and piling clothes for a folding spree and absentmindedly opening the Mills and Boon India page for a looksee at the Holi posts. Side by side I was on phone to sil to wish her. And there the results were. Totally lost the track of what I was saying and sil was like hello?? Where are you?? Somehow finished the call and opened the link. 

When I found my story up there, I couldn't believe it. I said OMG and son was ya what is it? Then my daughter, who been taking an interest in my doings (she's 14) and I were hopping madly and she said, don't step on my toes, mom I'm not wearing slippers.

Today is Holi the festival of colours and this day has been mad from the start. First hubby waking me up smearing clour on my face. Then as soon as I rubbed the sleep from my face son was squirting his watergun on me. I gave back good when I came back from my walk. But I think I suffered rather more.

What a madcap morning. I was drenched through. And you can't know how a cold water blast  running down your back feels till you try it! With her usual logic daughter concluded that I must ask Mills and Boon when the contest voting results come out so they can drench me again because it has proved lucky for me. Kids!

And very rashly in my excitement I promised they can eat every variety of Domino's pizza when daughter reminded me of the pizza treat she had been promised. *smacks head*

It was a wonderful morning. It feels especially good because as almost all aspiring writers know, the downs are so disheartening that reaching anywhere near up calls for a celebration of the effort that has been put into our writing. Right, guys?

For the Indians reading this, how did your Holi go? Would love to hear about your experience.
Thanks for sharing this with me. Ciao!