Saturday, 14 April 2012

About March Mayhem and April chats

I call the last month March Mayhem because it was vacation time! I can see all mums nodding in sympathetic understanding. When kids are home from school, an automatic anarchy sets in the house. Nothing seemed to get done. And an overdose of nothing, combined with repetitive screeches to get them in order leaves poor maternal nerves frazzled and patience frayed.
That is why April is a breath of peace and brings breezes of calmness. (I'm a horrid mother, I know), but that's what kids at school mean to me. Last week  I spent hours of conversation with hubby, which time had somehow gone missing from our routine. It came to me then, how talking, even if it is chatting about nothing in particular, is so important to feel connected. Unless those sounds waves are being transmitted and received, you start to feel mental distance . Isn't that why we all love social networking? Even without the sound waves, the power of moving communication that touches you across the miles (or across the street as the case maybe) and makes you empathize with, say, a friend facing the same springs allergies as you, cannot be discounted.
I read somewhere recently that this is the reason why we cut trees. Because they are silent, have no way of showing their existence and cannot retaliate even though they are stronger and tougher. Does that make you think?  Maybe silence isn't golden after all.

Have a great weekend! And do share your thoughts regarding my ramblings :)

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