Thursday, 26 July 2012

We went to see Punjabi movie 'Jatt and Juliet' yesterday. I don't go for Punjabi films much and went rather for my hubby's choice. But unexpectedly I really enjoyed the movie, especially for the lively comebacks of hero and equal stand-up by the heroine. Diljit Dosanj and Neeru Bajwa have done a great job playing the male and female leads. The highlight of the movie is the purely Punjabi humour. Director Anurag Singh has staged the perfect comedy timing throughout. For a light-hearted fun watch it took the bag, especially the romantic couple's daggers drawn interaction which was quite likeable, the hero calling the heroine 'dumnia' a Punjabi word for 'beehive' for most of the movie. Spunky, lively characters, great quips which were spin-offs on Punjabi language added to the amusement. Being light on the plot elements and some repetitive sequence in the scenes were the drawbacks but didn't take the charm out of viewing. Here's a song from the film on youtube with cute bangra steps executed well by Diljit.

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