Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What's important - weather or season?

Follow the season not the weather. Why? Because weather temporary and the season is lasting. Though with the changing climate scenario the above statement is less and less applicable. More properly, what's more important - the mood or the nature of a person? A bit of wind in summer doesn't make you take out your thick woolens. What about the minor irritations which crop up in our day? Maybe the two have nothing in common. But something made me think of this analogy as a part of everyday circumstance. 
We were on a holiday and my son refused to do as he was told, pulling a frown and acting mutinous. While I felt reactionary anger, my daughter cautioned me, mama let it be. So I dropped trying to get him to do what I wanted. The next moment I realized he was probably tired from the journey to high altitude as well as the sightseeing walk we took. So no wonder he was acting up. Normally a sunny kid, the change in him was just on that occasion. Sure enough next day he was back so I could lay my momentary fear of having a rebellious tween on my hands to rest. *happy smile*
This did make me think. There are times like these when our loved ones have a falling out with us. If we exercise a bit of patience and lot of love, the cloud passes away. But sometimes (read often for me) we are too rushed and lacking the time to think it through and we have quite a storm on our hands before things cool down. Heaven forbid, they not do any lasting negativity.
So next time anyone in my family gets a frown, I'm going to think it's weather, not a season. At least I'm going to try to. Would you like to? Love to know what you think of my little analogy.

Ciao! :)


  1. this is a perfect analogy, and one I'm going to subscribe to from now on.

  2. Perfectly put and thanks for the reminder. Sometimes all it takes is to take a step back, and see the bigger picture.

  3. That's very sensible, Ruchita. Something I wish I could do about when I think the very worst but in actual fact it is just a passing phase.

  4. Great analogy. It's so easy to get worked up but if we just take a step and think before we just over react.