Saturday, 22 December 2012

Yayyy.....and Merry Christmas

Yayy! We're all still here and very glad to be! Having survived the apocalypse (warning), we, I mean all of us, are looking forward to Christmas and spending holidays with family.
All this doomsday prediction stuff made me think of the times such warning have occurred in the past. I was a kid of maybe seven years, when I had first brush with this sort of mortality warning looming overhead, that was Skylab crashing to earth, the debris of which, thankfully went mostly into the Indian Ocean. Later came nuclear threats. Then these predictions began to become popular. The Nostradamus forecasts for the end of the world, and most recently this Mayan Prophecy. I don't deny I do get murky thoughts when I hear them and when children hear of these predictions...well, I do think nowadays they are suave enough not to take them to heart but somewhere they do stick, don't they? My son did show me a YouTube video of the meteor crashing into and burning the Earth and I had to look up and show him the NASA website where they absolutely denied its threat. Suffice to say, can do without kids feeling insecure because of all the widespread propaganda. Had to reassure him with a lot of counter-arguments and hugs.
Anyway, holiday season is here and time to dwell on these things is...well, can't find it! School break has begun, brother-in-law is coming over today with his family, so kids are pretty excited to meet their cousins. Thankfully whatever fears plagued us are done away and we are free to celebrate.
So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Have fun in the holidays and even after the hols, infuse every day of your life with fun. I say we can permit ourselves, out of the sheer relief of having survived so many dire prophecies! Am sure you'll agree :)


  1. I agree, it is very worrying when these threats do arise. You just have to use common sense and carry on - there really is nothing we can do to stop it from happening, if it's meant to be.

    Merry Christmas, Ruchita - I'm glad we survived the threat of an apocalypse. ;)

  2. We only have a limited time on Planet Earth, so let's make the most of it, doomsday prediction notwithstanding! Wish you a rocking (the good kind!) 2013! :)

  3. Happy Holidays Ruchita! I'm drinking a toast to us still being here :) xo

  4. Happy 'Surviving the Apocalypse' holidays and Merry Christmas, Ruchita! :-) x

  5. Thanks for commenting. Happy holidays, everyone!