Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Excerpt from my book - Bollywood Fiancé For A Day

Here's an excerpt from my book. Vishakha has been waiting for Bollywood actor Zaheer to show up. She's already upset over her broken engagement and waiting for him makes her even more angry. Who does he think he is. But the unrepentant actor is more than just annoying, she finds. Read some of their word exchange :

‘A girl like me?’ She threw his words back at him. ‘By the
way, what exactly do you mean by that?’
He shrugged, showing off sinewy shoulders. ‘Stuck-up.
Starchy. Clinging to trivialities.’
He didn’t believe in pulling punches, did he? ‘There’s no
need to be insulting or to act like I’m in the wrong. You were
aware of the whole schedule of this event. Or weren’t you?
These things get arranged months in advance, but you still
didn’t bother to turn up on time. Of course, you think you’re
entitled to do anything, being a celebrity.’
‘Well, it has its advantages.’ He raised his brows at her near
gasp. ‘What? Did you expect me to deny that?’ He grinned,
totally unconcerned, his famous, oddly endearing cheek clefts
showing up.
Frustration made her breathe in a quickened rhythm. For a
moment they looked at each other, locked in a silent exchange
of vibes—provoked and seething on her side, mocking but unruffled
on his. He spread his hands in a peace-making gesture.
‘Hey, don’t get uptight again. It only makes me want to
push your boundaries and see how uppity I can make you.’
Gold flecks showed in the warm hazel eyes. Somehow
they sent some errant signals to her system, which had her