Monday, 25 February 2013

My Call Story

The Call. That great moment in an author's life. Yes, it's happened for me!
I'm a bit late but still want to share the exciting, EXcitng time when my manuscript got an offer. Tuesday, Feb.,19th.
It had been under review of my editor after I got the revisions done. I got her email that she wanted to chat on Skype. At that time, all I prayed for was 'please not more revisions!'. Some nasty inner voice needed to be quietened which kept saying she's looked it over and she doesn't like it after all. Well, time went by in haggling with inner uncertainties and there she was on my laptop screen and there was me getting the jitters. Then she told me my ms has been accepted for publication. The words coming from none other than an HMB editor, it suddenly took me to that magical moment when all I could get out was Oh my God! Not very smart for a writer but definitely expressive :) Then the next bombshell! I was told that they wanted to offer me a two book contract! Wowee! I nearly said I want to hug you for this, forget being professional. Well anyway, after finally reducing me to a blubbering idiot and asking me how did I feel (for which I don't know what incoherent reply I managed), she was nice enough to say she'd leave me to celebrate with my family. But damn, did it feel unreal. While I must have staged the moment a number of times in my mind, at that time, it didn't quite sink in. Finally I realized that the stream of words I'd poured out via qwerty keys had the makings of a book. At least they must have, for the offer to have come from a publisher like that. "Ground to Ruchita, please come back!" Had to give myself this reminder to get functional in daily routine :D

On the serious side, the time spent in swotting over the ms feels worthwhile now. I set out for this and on the scale of personal achievements this is certainly a step up - to have got where I aimed to be.

Thanks to everyone who helped me along and the blog readers who've followed my writing journey. Stay tuned for what comes next, I will be sharing my experiences.



  1. Wonderful!

    Absolutely delighted for you :-)


  2. Huge congratulations! Am so happy for you. So exciting, looking forward to hearing how it goes from here! X

  3. So happy for you Ruchita! Congratulations and huge hugs. You have done so well! You are so right - what an achievement!! x

  4. Congratulations Ruchita - brilliant news!

  5. well done! How wonderful...Your hard work paid off. Yippee

  6. Very happy for you, Ruchita! You absolutely deserve it xx

  7. Ruchita, big hug!!! Yay!!!

  8. Thank you all muchly for the warm support :)