Friday, 29 March 2013

The Leibster Blog Award Challenge

 I've been nominated for the Leibster Blog Award Challenge by Mary Middleton. The purpose of the challenge is to help bloggers be more popular. I have to tell you eleven little known things about  myself, answer eleven set questions and nominate eleven other bloggers to take the challenge after me.

If you are nominated below, post on your own blog linking back here, with 11 random facts about yourself, answer my 11 questions and nominate 11 new bloggers (and think of 11 questions to ask them - can be anything!)

Here are eleven supposedly interesting facts about me! Some of them are my laments about myself, so do bear with me here.

1. Being a diehard procrastinator, if something can be put off in my day, it will be. I find it terribly difficult to set a given task into motion.

2. I love to store cards. Birthday cards. Anniversary cards, Christmas and Diwali greetings. All are packed up securely. I still have most of my Congrats on Getting Married cards. And of course my kids' birthday cards.

3. Singing relaxes me. I find it soothing, especially singing sad songs. Unfortunately people around me don't find it so…lol!

4. When I'm in the thick of a story, characters start talking in my head. Sometimes the dialogue is so crystal clear and snappy I have to stop whatever I'm doing to note it down.

5. I love pics of flowers. This is a particular hobby of hubby (pun unintended) and I love it.

6. One habit I’d like to get rid of is that of stressing over nearly everything, probably one reason I'm often forgetful. However, sometimes my mind is champion at remembering important things to be done! Wish it would happen more often.

7. I often signal to mothers while travelling on the road to keep their kids' body parts inside the vehicle. You can't believe how often this happens.

8. My favourite colours are pink and green. At one time I had about six sea green outfits including nightwear. I also love peach and red.

9. Have a confession. I'm terrible at remembering faces, though am trying to improve. I’m better than I used to be…I think! :/

10. This one is out of my control. I buy books like they're going out of style. I always have unread piles and now bytes in Kindle but put me in a bookshop and I can't come out empty handed.

11. If kids are sulking I would do zombie dance or something as silly to cheer them up.

The Questions set for me by Mary Middleton

1. What sort of books do you like to read?

    I read anything and everything. But my favourite reads are contemporary romance and murder mysteries.

2. If you were stuck on a desert island who would you like as your Man Friday?

    The cola man? Or the ice-cream man would do too :)

3. When the coffee runs out, what do you like to drink?

    That's easy. Tea!

4. Are you a cat or a dog person?

    A dog person. Though I don’t keep one as I feel it constitutes a big responsibility. 

5. How different is your present partner to your first love?

    My mom told me I used to be a big fan of actor Rishi Kapoor when I was about ten. So I guess not too different if you compared them at the same age. :)

6. Do you prefer sad or happy endings?

    Happy ever after all the way for me!

7. What did you do all day before the internet was invented?

    Reading! Also watched movies. Wrote.

8. Have you ever read a book or seen a film that has heavily influenced your life?

    Penny Jordan’s books. They made me want to write.

9. What is your ideal holiday destination?

    Somewhere cool and green and peaceful. A hill station in summer like Dalhousie or Mussuorie where you can take long walks.

10. Do you like wild, over grown gardens or gardens where the flowers are planted in regimented rows?

     Wild ones. Colourful ones. Though an ordered garden sounds cool too.

11. Do you prefer blogs that offer factual articles, personal information or details of new book releases or giveaways?

     All of the above.

Here are my Eleven Qs for my nominees:

1. What's your favourite movie of all time and in that which was your absolutely favourite scene?

2. Have you ever said I love you and how did you say it?

3. For a sufficient distance would you walk or take the car?

4. Who is your favourite singer?

5. What's your favourite dish to eat or make? Share its recipe if you want to. 

6. What motivates you to write? In other words, what stimulates your muse?

7. Are you a summer person or a winter person?

8. Which sport do you like to play/watch? You can name indoor games as well.

9. While shopping do you buy the first thing you like or keep looking till you've seen everything available and then decide?

10. Thing you wouldn't step out of the house without, excepting phone, credit card and driving license.

11. What makes you cry?

For the Leibster Blog Award Challenge I nominate:
Adite BanerjieCarmen Clavout, Rohinee Rajagopalan. Nominees, please link back to me in your post and also leave your blogpost link in the comments below.

I still require
 more bloggers. If you would like to join in please let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for tuning in J


  1. Very interesting, these Leibster blog challenges are so good for getting to know people. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Great to see you here. I enjoyed this challenge too.

  3. I'm like you, tons of unread books and in my kindle. I jsut can't resist books...